Wes brings great knowledge, experience, and skills to the Hopper’s Ski Jumping and Nordic Combined program.

Wes is very familiar with the program; in fact Wes started as a hopper 16 years ago through the multi-sport camp held at Canada Olympic Park in 1999. Wes progressed from the beginning to become Canada’s tom Nordic Combined Skier winning multiple Canadian National Championships. In his junior years Wes placed 17th at the Junior World Championships, a top result for Canada at that level. In senior level competitions Wes has a top 10 finish in COC level competition, 26 starts at the World Cup, and had competed at 2 World Ski Championships in Czechoslovakia and Norway. 

When Wes is not immersed in Ski Jumping and Nordic Combined you’ll find him active in outdoor pursuits such as telemarking, hiking running and mountain biking. Wes has a great philosophy of sport and life:

I feel alive when I get the opportunity to participate in any sport where I have to not only use my body but also my brain. Where the choices you make can have a real impact on the outcome of your activity. Like life, your performance in sport is a product of the choices that you make, and you can either fight against that current or make the most of what you have”.

Growing up on a farm just North of Calgary Wes learned the lesson and value of hard work, and what it means to be passionate about something and to overcome adversity. These lessons he carries to every aspect of life from sport school and now to coaching and making a difference to our young members of the Altius Club.

Combined with his extensive experience in Ski jumping /Nordic Combined, level 2 coaching and his fun personality, Wes is a valued addition to the development and continued success of the grassroots hoppers program.